Private Hands On Cooking Classes

Our hands-on classes are the perfect balance between a recreational and an instructional cooking class. We start with a knife skills demo, then use measured out ingredients to execute each of the dishes while being guided by your chef instructor and staff.

Our private classes have a typically have a maximum of 24 people (4 groups of 4-6 people). Each member of your group will work on different aspects of the meal, this allows us to make this as interactive as possible, while also ensuring that we’re creating a fun, social experience where you can pick up new culinary techniques, cover kitchen safety, and learn how to put together a beautiful meal. Each group will cook every dish that is on the menu. We can even have our chefs judge your teams to see which team one which dish to add a little bit of fun to the event! Cooking typically lasts between 1.5-2 hours before dropping your aprons to enjoy your hard work around our communal table for a relaxed meal during the final hour.

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