2018 CSA Program

Hudson Table is once again teaming up with Blooming Hill Farm for the 2018 CSA Program!  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  Fundamentally, it means that participants make an upfront payment to support a farm, and in return receive a weekly share of produce from that farm.  Here’s how it works: Purchase your 10-week or 20-week […]


There’s a saying they have in Japan: hara hachi bu, or “eat until you’re eighty percent full.” It’s an old piece of Confucian wisdom that has defined the Japanese approach to food for centuries. If there was a similar maxim that could describe the average food philosophy in the U.S. it would probably be something like, “Stuff your stomach until you’re nauseous.” […]


For more information about our Kid’s Classes, please email Chef Sara at kidclasses@hudsontable.com.  For more info about the different types of events you can host at our space, please click on OUR CLASSES at the top of our website.  For more info regarding events, contact us with the intended date or preferred time/day of the week as well […]

To Cook, or Not to Cook

  She was having a nightmare. She found herself surrounded by darkness except for a lone door that glowed faintly before her. On that door was a single word carved deeply into the wooden panel: PANTRY. Scared, but curious, she turned the handle to walk inside when an object suddenly appeared in front of her. It […]


We host birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, bachelorettes, rehearsal dinners.. you name it we’ll host it. All of our events are fully customized to your needs and tastes. For more info click the private events tab up top.